Friday, February 8, 2008

About this blog

My name is Amy Sisson, and I'm a writer, book reviewer, editor, and librarian. This blog is primarily intended for my reviews of books, short fiction, ballet, opera, movies, television, and film festivals. I also occasionally post information about my own fiction, my convention programming schedules, and reports on conventions I've attended.

Primarily I read science fiction, fantasy, young adult (SF, fantasy, and mainstream), and vintage young adult (girls' career novels and college fiction). Oh, and picture books! So you'll definitely see a mix here. I hope you'll enjoy it. For performance art, we currently have season tickets to the Houston Grand Opera and the Houston Ballet.

[I also maintain a Livejournal account to which I post once or twice a week, but for privacy reasons I keep it friends-locked. If you'd like to friend me or be friended, please drop me an e-mail at amy.a.sisson at gmail dot com, or amysisson at prodigy dot net, and let me know who you are.]

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