Wednesday, September 20, 2017

FENCON XIV - September 22-24, 2017

Here is my programming schedule for FenCon XIV, which takes place in Irving, Texas (Dallas-Fort Worth area) this weekend on September 22-24, 2017. I highly recommend this convention, which I've been attending for years. Click here for more information.


Friday 8:00 PM - Chinaberry - "Is Writing Media Tie-Ins Right For You?"

Writing tie-ins means working with someone else's characters and settings, and the rules of their worlds. How can you do projects like this justice, and what unexpected joys and limitations might you run into? Kevin J. Anderson, Brad Sinor, Amy Sisson, Kathryn Sullivan (*)


Saturday 12:00 - Pecan - Reading

This will be a reading from my short fiction. For those who came last year, be warned: Captain Drake rides again!


Sunday 10:00 AM - Red Oak - "20 Years of Harry Potter"

Harry Potter is 20 -- well the books are. How timeless are the books? Are you reading them to your children/grandchildren? Where is the Harry Potter Franchise headed? Are you looking forward to prequel movies, and more books around the cauldron? Leslie Hudson, Marshall Ryan Maresca, Amy Sisson, Libby A. Smith, Rosemary Clement (*)


Sunday 12:00 PM - Chinaberry - "You Collect What!?"

What are you collecting these days? Anything you wanna show off? Do you collect pens/envelopes/action figures/pulp books/Pez dispensers? Share your collecting habits and magic ways with your fellow fans. Alan J. Porter, Amy Sisson, Vixy, Lys Childs-Wiley (*)

(*) = moderator

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