Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Audio teaser: Places We Call Home

This is a 52-second audio teaser for my recently published story "Places We Call Home", narrated by Lauren Harris and produced by Bryan Lincoln.

To access the entire story in audio or text, click here.

And here is the same snippet in text form:

ONE OF MY MOST VIVID MEMORIES from our time on Radu IV is hearing my nanny calling, or rather trilling, “Faeeeerrrin! Faeeeerrrin!” He did this every evening after the first sunset and before the second. His inflection, alien but familiar, made a song of the name, so beautiful that even now the memory brings back feelings of safety and longing and loss.

Safety because those were the days when I knew my world, and felt safe in it. Longing because Anyuen wasn’t calling me; he was calling Faren, my baby sister.

And loss because Faren is lost to me forever.

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